Feedback | How I passed the CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) Exam | Tips & Tricks

Learning material I referred:

Some quick tips from my side:

  • I’ll recommend to use multiple screens, one for your exam terminal and the other one for Kubernetes documentation site.
  • The CNI plugin is not updated in the latest version of the documentation. Please refer this for the same.
  • The online version of the notepad sometimes hangs up, I was not able to copy-paste and edit yaml files seamlessly, it would be great if you practice editing your yaml files in the terminal as well.
  • Learn basics of the following linux commands: grep, awk, sort, head etc
  • Know Jsonpath & custom-columns very well.
  • Always execute use-context config command provided in the question even if you are in the same cluster just to be very sure.
  • Don’t stay on any question for more than 10 mins, you can always come back at the end.
  • Try to complete your exam within 2.5 hours and keep 30 mins to review.
  • Try to complete the Kodekloud Lightening labs, mock exams without referring the docs and try to solve using imperative commands only. After a time the commands will come out naturally :)
  • Set alias for kubectl (alias k=kubectl), it is more than enough, you don’t actually need any other aliases.
  • Name your yaml files like 1.yaml, 2-deploy.yaml etc. This will help you when you come back for review at a later stage.
  • Practice the kubeadm installation and multi node configuration atleast 3–4 times with additional arguments.
  • Import the following bookmarks created by KK.
  • Please login to the exam portal 15mins prior to the scheduled start of the exam, the process with the proctor took around 25 mins for me.
  • Please note, is not allowed in the exam
  • I feel there is no need to invest time for Kubernetes the hard way, the scope in the exam is limited to kubeadm installation.
  • Do not skip any of the questions, there is some marking even if you do not solve the question completely, it is always better to attempt everything.
  • Do not shy away from attempting the exam even if you are not 100% prepared. There is one more chance just in case you do not succeed.
  • Try to get used to typing the commands without autocomplete, this will help you if there is an issue with the exam portal.
  • Join the slack channel from KodeKloud, the slack community will help you to solve your queries and questions.
  • The difficulty level of the exam depends on how much you have practiced!
  • Don’t stress out and do not panic during the exam. Keep calm!



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